Mark Bennett Photography | I've cast my pod, and it's great!

I've cast my pod, and it's great!

September 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Here's something new for me: I've begun podcasting!

Podcasts are like radio shows, with whatever content might appear in such a show, but made accessible at any time (no radio required) on your computer or portable computing-thingie device, like a smartphone or tablet.

It will be a big zero surprise to know that my podcast is about photography, about all things photography, and I've handily titled the podcast All Things Photography! Simple, right?


There's a web site for the podcast, (notice it's not a .com or .net or .somethinglikethat), and if you navigate over there you can listen to the episodes, leave comments or ask questions, and see my notes and images of the people and things I talk about — and talk to. (Don't worry, I don't talk to things. At least not in the podcast (though sometimes I yell at my keyboard for not understanding what I want instead of what I typed).)

And speaking of talking, the heart of each episode is a conversation with a photographer, or a gallery owner, or whoever else I find interesting, and the conversations cover more than photography; I want to know these people beyond their involvement in what is, admittedly, a broad and fascinating field.

In addition to the conversation, I might review a product, share an interesting quote, and give you tips on making better photos, or sillier photos, or whatever else I can think of to increase your pleasure with the medium.

Beside the web site, you can head directly to the iTunes store to subscribe to the podcast, which means that each episode is immediately available without your having to go hunt for it every time. You can do that subscribing by clicking here.

I hope you give it a listen.


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